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When should I expected to receive my frozen tamales?

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Orders placed from Monday to Wednesday will typically ship the next Wednesday. For orders placed between Wednesday and Sunday, expect them to ship in the following week. This is due to logistical reasons.

Why does it take to long to ship my order?

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Each order is processed with care and love. Tamales are cooked per order, allowed to chill, and then kept frozen for 1-2 days before starting the handling and shipping process. We ensure the tamales are well-packaged in insulated packing with dry ice to guarantee they reach you in good condition.

Why did I pay to much for my shipping?

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Perishable foods can become unsafe if not kept at 40 degrees or below. Our packaging is designed to maintain these temperatures for 72 hours. That's why we typically use UPS Next Day or UPS Second Day shipping methods to ensure the freshness and safety of your order.

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